Overview of the architecture including and services.

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The publishing process starts within Google Drive, Docs and Sheets through the tooling Chrome Extension.

The extension calls the API to pull the content from Google Drive to transform it into structured content JSON and stores it at the Edge.

A 3rd party framework like Astro together with a custom hosting solution can be used to retrieve the structured content JSON to deliver websites, apps etc. making a headless CMS by default.

Alternatively, the built-in services and are respectively optimized to use the API to deliver high performance websites and highly customizable emails via modern Web Platform technologies.

The code is sourced from the customer CDN but proxied and delivered through the Edge cache layer to create a faster Web Experience altogether.


Edge Storage is split up into 3 workspaces Private, Preview and Live ensuring a clear distinction from the production environment offering the capability to test content before going live.

The and services proxy the code by default and therefore developers can have as many testing environments as there are branches or code repositories.

To accelerate the content previewing process, prioritizes the Preview workspace for immediate access, while the Live workspace is prioritized for a high cache-hit ratio.