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Content. Preview. Go Live. is an API-first cloud-native service based on modern web technologies integrated with intuitive content authoring with Google Drive, Docs and Sheets to build faster Web Experiences for everyone.

Ready for the AI era

Integrated with ChatGPT

Generate content with ChatGPT and turn it into Web Experiences immediately.

Delivering what your visitors need

Sluggish websites aren't just frustrating; they're bad for business. Why invest in driving traffic to your site only to watch visitors bounce due to poor performance?

A website's speed significantly impacts critical business metrics like conversion rates, user engagement, and order values.

Core Web Vitals

User Experience is key

Google introduced Web Vitals to measure essential website performance metrics, including loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. Meeting these metrics is crucial for creating fast, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly websites.

“Core Web Vitals are used by our ranking systems. We recommend site owners achieve good Core Web Vitals for success with Search and to ensure a great user experience generally.” Source: Google

Unlock the unique potential of to boost your conversion rates, improve Core Web Vitals, and enhance your SEO.

Core Web Vitals pagespeed insights

Fast for developers and authors

Developers struggle to achieve top-notch performance making it impossible to achieve perfect Core Web Vitals scores. With, optimization is built-in to help developers adopt a performance-centric approach.

Authors love the simplicity of publishing to the web by converting Google Docs into Web Experiences with one-click. pagespeed insights

Increase content velocity

Using Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets makes more versatile, user-friendly, and adaptable than most traditional Content Management Systems.

Publish content to any platform or device instantly and deliver across the web close to your users at the edge.

Uncle Tony's Google Docs homepage

Effortless collaboration between authors … helps non-technical authors to increase content velocity, while allowing developers to iterate quickly pushing new features out at the same time.  

Easy integration with Google's suite of productivity tools. By using Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets, is able to easily integrate with the tools that many users are already familiar with. This makes it easier for users to create and manage their content.

Uncle Tony's Google Docs homepage
Uncle Tony's Astro project in Stackblitz

… and developers

By transforming unstructured content into structured content, developers can easily translate content into interactive and dynamic components to build rich user experiences.

HTML and JSON: HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages and JSON is a popular and versatile data format that is often used in web development. By using these standards, is able to generate and publish content that is easy to consume and manipulate by other applications.

Uncle Tony's Astro project in Stackblitz

Optimized for speed … is a cloud-native low latency globally distributed service that transforms unstructured data and delivers structured data with exceptional performance, reliability and scale.

Content is always delivered at lightning speed to any platform or device anywhere in the world.


… with cost savings built-in

Our built-in caching system ensures best-in-class performance at affordable cost. We offer a free plan for Developers and a paid plan for Businesses.

Pick the plan that suits you.


Cap Island

Hear it from our customers

“Within a mere two weeks, we achieved the critical milestone of going live with, a significant development for our business. The initially surprising, yet remarkably effective, content-first approach using Google Docs made content publication as simple as a click, almost magical. We feel relieved and take comfort in the impressive Core Web Vitals metrics our site achieves.”

Vincent Turpin, Director of CAP ISLAND Real Estate example

HTML-first low-code websites

With the serverless service, assemble published content on the fly to build fast sites faster and at scale.

Embrace Modern Web development so that any web developer with HTML, JavaScript and CSS knowledge can build websites with example example

Build high-quality email templates

With the serverless service, quickly build dynamic and modern email templates powered by

Any web developer with basic CSS knowledge can freely style email components to match brand specific designs. example

CloudflareGoogle DriveGoogle DocsGoogle SheetsGoogle ChromeGitHub

Integrated with the tools you know and love

Headless first

  • Frameworks like Next.js, Nuxt.js or Astro are supported.
  • Typical use cases range from e-commerce shops, online services like a news portal, marketing landing page to email templates.
  • Get started quickly with our templates.

Content authors feel at home

  • No need for training. You already know how to manage your content.
  • Google docs for unstructured content, Google Sheets for structured content and let them work together.
  • No more upfront content boundaries or restrictions for authors.

Easy to consume

  • Simple to consume in any type of application.
  • Produces regular JSON.
  • Content is composable, filterable and searchable.

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